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    Zionism: Cycles of Trauma and Aggression in the Service of Settler Colonialism

    Zionism is inherently reactionary The origins of Zionism are profoundly misunderstood by many. This is not coincidental and can be seen largely as the result of propaganda, which opportunistically and erroneously asserts that Zionism is the natural expression of Judaism. In fact, Zionism gained traction among some Jews only in the late 19th  century in response to […]

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    What Amazon Wants

    Driving through some 20-odd states, along 10,000 miles of open road, I listened to each local news radio station ask the same question—where is Amazon going to put their new headquarters? It’s interesting to follow a story across different presenters, with each station prognosticating what their state might offer to ‘win’ the ostensible bidding process, […]

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    No More Compromise

    Compromise—it’s a word used to describe a coming together of two diametrically opposing viewpoints, sacrificing portions of their positions to achieve consensus. Bipartisanship—I find it to be as hideous as “compromise.” There is no compromising our values in social, economic, or criminal justice. Compromise is what has brought us to this point in United States […]

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    Thanksgiving: Rivalry Week

    At last, there is something which those across the political spectrum seem to agree on. From Fox News to CNN, The New York Times to the New York Post, from conservative talk radio to NPR, the message is the same this Thanksgiving – that the family gathering is probably going to be hell. *Frown* I […]

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    The Promise of a Green New Deal

    Since her victory over Joe Crowley in the NY-14 2018 Democratic Primary, representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has unquestionably become a rising star among progressives. Her participation in a protest led by the youth-fueled, climate action-oriented Sunrise Movement inside Nancy Pelosi’s office just a week after her general election victory sent two clear signals: One, that Ocasio-Cortez […]

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    It’s Time for Progressive Politicians to Boycott Israel

    Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are among the recently-elected members of Congress who are standing up to the Washington establishment after historic victories. Ocasio-Cortez, who unseated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley of New York’s 14th congressional district, is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Rashida Tlaib (a Palestinian-American) and Ilhan Omar (a Somali-American) became the first […]

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    Election Day in Georgia

    Election day, finally. The big day, but this one feeling bigger than midterms past. I found myself in a small out-of-the-way bar in Georgia, watching the results trickle in on a floor-to-ceiling screen which encompassed one wall of the establishment. It was, ostensibly, a Stacey Abrams watch party, meaning the bar was filled with younger […]

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    Power and Privilege

    “Power concedes nothing without demand,” said Frederick Douglass in 1857. “It never did and it never will.” Power is privilege, and when in the course of human events power and privilege is exposed and threatened it strikes back with a fury. We are living in a time of reaction; after decades of revolutionary change, those […]