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    A Specific Absurdity of Trump’s Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship

    In December 2007, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution calling on member states to abolish the death penalty. The passage of the resolution came after similar resolutions were passed by the United Nations Commission of Human Rights and after 91 countries had abolished the death penalty, including Albania and Rwanda, which […]

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    The Big Apple in Kentucky

    I’m not really a bourbon man, but ‘when in Rome …’ she said. She told me she’d never been outside of western Kentucky. I told her the bourbon tasted like cotton candy, but not that it was causing Johnny Cash by Jason Aldean to play on a loop in my head. Throw your suitcase in […]

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    Flyover States

    Driving into Salt Lake City is a lot like driving into Las Vegas. Yes, I realize these two cities stand in many ways as the polar opposites of each other; vice and sterility, the depths and the elevation. But driving into Vegas, or into Utah via Idaho and eastern Oregon, as I did, you must […]

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    “Trump Anxiety Disorder”

    Canada is officially legalizing marijuana nationwide. Cue confetti. To be fair, Canada only has ten provinces; recreational pot use is already legal in nine US states … so they aren’t that far ahead. Still, federal legalization is a pretty big deal. It is almost enough to make you wonder when Trump will want to start […]

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    On the Road Again

    I am out visiting the pacific northwest. Yes, it has rained every day I’ve been here, and yes, the air kind of smells like coffee and weed. But aside from that, I’ve noticed another curious phenomenon; that is, it appears every third or fourth vehicle out here is a camper van with stickers all over […]