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    Flyover States

    Driving into Salt Lake City is a lot like driving into Las Vegas. Yes, I realize these two cities stand in many ways as the polar opposites of each other; vice and sterility, the depths and the elevation. But driving into Vegas, or into Utah via Idaho and eastern Oregon, as I did, you must […]

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    “Trump Anxiety Disorder”

    Canada is officially legalizing marijuana nationwide. Cue confetti. To be fair, Canada only has ten provinces; recreational pot use is already legal in nine US states … so they aren’t that far ahead. Still, federal legalization is a pretty big deal. It is almost enough to make you wonder when Trump will want to start […]

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    Lee Camp Is Back to Help Us Laugh Through the Pain

    I was pretty excited when I was offered an opportunity to preview the new Lee Camp stand-up comedy special, Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special Not Allowed On American Television for ProgressiveArmy and MediaRevolt. I’m a big fan. Besides the close friends that I have made there, shaking Mr. Camp’s hand and thanking him for […]

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    On the Road Again

    I am out visiting the pacific northwest. Yes, it has rained every day I’ve been here, and yes, the air kind of smells like coffee and weed. But aside from that, I’ve noticed another curious phenomenon; that is, it appears every third or fourth vehicle out here is a camper van with stickers all over […]

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    [INTERVIEW] Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan – Nomads in Times of Xenophobia and Mass Migration

    The Romani (Roma) people, colloquially known as Gypsies, are the quintessential example of a nomadic ethnic group that has settled in a multitude of locations, yet maintain a relatively cohesive collective identity. Romani culture can provide a window into the importance, hardships, and rewards of embracing and contributing to a collective humanity, while preserving and […]

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    The President’s Toad

    A few years ago, I visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas – a more-serious stop on a “Keep Austin Weird” tour. As I was walking through the exhibits, a man whom I took to be employee came up and started talking to me, just mundane kind of stuff – are you […]